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Faxing and Scanning

Faxing Services and Prices

You may send or receive faxed documents at either branch using our public fax service.

Prices for Sending or Receiving a Fax:

  • $1.00 for the first page, $.20 per page thereafter. Outgoing faxes of more than 20 pages may need to be split into 2 or more jobs. 

To Send a Fax from the Law Library:

Fill out the Public Fax Service cover sheet at the Library, wait for successful completion of the fax, pay the fee and retrieve your originals.

To Receive a Fax at the Law Library:

Give the Library’s fax number to the sending party, notify the Library that a fax is coming, and pick up and pay the fee.

Unclaimed incoming faxes will be discarded at the end of the day.

Fax Numbers:

  • Seattle Library - (206) 205-0513
  • Kent Library - (206) 205-2905

Scanning Services and Prices

Price for Scanning

  • $1.00 for the first page, $.20 per page thereafter, for each finished .pdf document. 

For example, a stack of 5 documents consisting of 5 pages each that is scanned into one finished .pdf would be $1.00 for the first page plus $.20 for each additional page (24 pages x $.20 each = $4.80) or a total of $5.80. The same stack of 5 documents scanned into individual .pdfs would be charged $5.00 for the five first pages plus $4.00 for the additional four pages of each document (4 pages x 5 documents = 20 pages x $.20) for a grand total of $9.00.

You must provide a USB drive to save the scanned files or you may purchase a USB drive from the Library for $10.00. Files will be given a generic name (e.g. KCLLEFILINGSCAN001.pdf) and will need to be renamed before you use them. You can use the Library's public access computers to E-File documents through the King County Superior Court. You can also create documents in MS Word on the Library's computers and save them as a PDF file using the free CutePDF Writer printer that is installed on the computers.

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