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Conference Rooms

In the Seattle Library

The Seattle library has 5 conference rooms available for public use on the sixth floor of the King County Courthouse. All are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Rooms 1 and 5 are also available for reservation.  Conference Rooms 1-4 are located on the north side. The smallest room seats 4-6 people while the largest room seats 6-8 people. Conference Room 5 is located on the south side. It can seat 6-8 people at the table plus another 4-6 people around the room. You may eat and drink in any of the conference rooms. The Legal Research and Training Center (LRTC) is also available for reservation (no walk-in use), subject to availability.

In the Kent Library

The Kent library in the MRJC has 1 conference room available for public use on a first-come, first-served basis and for reservation.

Reserving a Conference Room

To reserve a conference room in the Seattle library, please call (206) 477-1305.  To reserve a conference room in the Kent library, please call (206) 477-1316.  The following fees and conditions apply:

    • For members of the Public Law Library's Subscriber Program, the hourly fee is $15.00.
    • For all others, the hourly fee is $20.00.  The fee is waived for local, State and Federal government agencies.
    • The room is reserved for 1-hour blocks.
    • Full payment is due when the room is used unless the reservation extends for more than one week.
    • New! For full-day reservations, an Amenities Tray can be reserved for your exclusive use for an additional charge of $25 a day. It contains items such as granola bars, bottled water, tissues, and basic office supplies (legal pads, pens, stapler, tape, etc.).

Legal Clinic Reservations

The Seattle library currently hosts four legal clinics that have standing reservations for conference rooms.  Consult the legal clinics page for specific days and times. 

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