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The Northwest Consumer Law Center, in partnership with the Federal Bar Association, launched a new Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinic at the Federal Courthouse. The clinic is a free walk-in clinic where experienced bankruptcy lawyers will help pro se individuals:

  • Look through forms to catch things that may cause problems...

Our State Supreme Court recently appointed Deputy Clerk Susan Carlson as our State's first female Supreme Court Clerk, replacing retired Clerk Ron Carpenter.  The following is excerpted from the Supreme Court's offical announcement:"The Washington Supreme Court's nine justices have appointed the state's first female Supreme Court Clerk in Washington State history. Deputy Clerk Susan Carlson, was sworn in today as the Court Clerk by Chief...

06/28/2016 -- Article

A video from Washington's judicial branch challenges some mistaken ideas about how courts work by using real person-on-the-street interviews and responses from judges and justices. The video was produced by the Public Trust & Confidence Committee of the Board for Judicial Administration (BJA) in partnership with Washington's public affairs station, TVW, with financial support provided by the Washington State Gender and Justice Commission...

06/28/2016 -- Article


The Library is happy to announce that after a brief hiatus, we have begun teaching classes again!

To begin with, we are pleased to offer our very popular background research classes – both in-person and via web conference.  A list of upcoming sessions can be found here and from the “...

05/17/2016 -- Web Link

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington has updated their information on the restoration of voting rights for those that have been convicted of felonies as an adult. The page includes answers to many important questions such as:

  • How do convictions affect my right to...
04/21/2016 -- Article

The Rita R. Dermody Legal Help Center is now open for its full schedule.  Named in honor of retired Director Rita R. Dermody, the Legal Help Center (LHC) will operate on the following days:

In the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings

In the MRJC in downtown Kent:...

04/13/2016 -- Article

The WSBA Access to Justice Board in parthernship the the Administrative Office of the Courts worked together to create forms for family law cases that use simpler language that is easier to understand for nonlawyers. The hope is that these new forms create less confusion and remove some of the anxiety of filling out the forms for self-represented people.The new forms will be availbe to use as of May 1, 2016 and required...

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