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01/12/2017 -- Article

The Public Law Library of King County will be closed all day on January 27, 2017 to accommodate a full staff in-service training program.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

12/05/2016 -- Article

Legal Voice has updated the Handbook for Washington Seniors: Legal Rights and Resources for 2016 into 2017. The Handbook is a quick-reference guide covering legal rights, health care, housing, etc. The Handbook answers common questions about the issues seniors are likely to face. The Handbook may also be helpful to the family and caregivers of seniors. You can find a digital copy of this resource available for free at...


Washington Digital Newspapers at the Washington State Library has a new website! And it’s mobile friendly! New features include:

  • “One hundred years ago…” front pages from Washington newspapers
  • Links to WSL’s microfilm collections for a full list of titles, publication histories, and essays about the newspapers’ influence on their communities
  • Browse newspapers by title, calendar date, or full...
08/08/2016 -- Article

Beginning September 1 of 2016, Washington courts may choose to consider unpublished opinions of the Court of Appeals.  While such opinions would still be nonbinding, amendments to GR 14.1 would allow them to be "accorded such persuasive value as the court deems appropriate" - provided the citing party...

08/05/2016 -- Article

On June 9, 2016 Engrossed Senate Bill 6413 was enacted. This bill creates a procedure called "Order of Limited Dissemination" which would prevent tenant screening companies from disclosing an eviction on their report. A judge may sign your order if:

  1. You were wrongly named in an eviction/unlawful detainer action...

The Northwest Consumer Law Center, in partnership with the Federal Bar Association, launched a new Pro Se Bankruptcy Clinic at the Federal Courthouse. The clinic is a free walk-in clinic where experienced bankruptcy lawyers will help pro se individuals:

  • Look through forms to catch things that may cause problems...
07/14/2016 -- Article

Our State Supreme Court recently appointed Deputy Clerk Susan Carlson as our State's first female Supreme Court Clerk, replacing retired Clerk Ron Carpenter.  The following is excerpted from the Supreme Court's offical announcement:"The Washington Supreme Court's nine justices have appointed the state's first female Supreme Court Clerk in Washington State history. Deputy Clerk Susan Carlson, was sworn in today as the Court Clerk by Chief...

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